Electrical Problems That Can Impact Your Residential Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on: 3 September 2019

Electrical problems can be among the most serious issues that a residential air conditioning system will experience, and these problems will require prompt repairs if the effects on the home are to be kept to a minimum. Despite the fact that there are many different ways that electrical issues can impact an air conditioning system, it is still possible for a homeowner to be prepared for most of the issues that are likely to create problems for the unit.

Stuttering Performance

If the supply of power to the air conditioning system is inconsistent, it will unable to function smoothly. Depending on the amount of electrical disruption that is occurring, this problem could manifest itself as the unit stuttering while it is running. This should not be confused with cycling as cycling will typically be a controlled process. When a unit is stuttering, you will notice that it is suddenly stopping and starting potentially every few seconds. To avoid damaging the unit, it should be turned off as soon as this problem starts to become noticeable.

Flipped Breakers

The circuit breakers of the home will regulate the flow of power to the various rooms of the structure. Due to the amount of power that the air conditioning unit will draw, it is usually placed on its own breaker. If this breaker becomes damaged, it can completely stop the flow of power to the air conditioning system, which will prevent it from functioning at all. When your unit is nonresponsive, you should first check the breakers to verify whether they are in functional condition. If the breakers have been flipped, you should return them to the on position. However, if the breakers repeatedly start flipping, this could indicate that the air conditioning system's electrical regulator is malfunctioning, which will result in the unit drawing too much power. Unfortunately, this problem is likely to continue and worsen until an electrician repairs the unit.

Smoke Coming From The Unit

One of the most alarming and serious problems that an air conditioning unit can experience will be smoke coming out of it. When this problem starts to occur, it likely indicates that the unit has suffered a catastrophic electrical failure. To prevent a large fire from starting, you should immediately turn off the supply of power to the unit. If you have a fire extinguisher that is rated for use on electrical fires, it should be used on any smoking components to ensure that they do not ignite.