If You're Preparing A Guest Studio Or Granny Flat, Add Wall Lighting

Posted on: 2 February 2019

In many areas of the country, homeowners are converting garages and side rooms into small studios that can house relatives or a renter. If you've started planning a renovation to create additional living space like this, you're eventually going to have to add lighting. Many people go with a traditional center-of-the-ceiling light or a line of track lights overhead. However, you may want to install fixtures on the walls in addition to, or even instead of, one on the ceiling.

Easier to Reach

Wall fixtures are going to be a lot easier for the occupant to reach. When a lightbulb burns out, a ceiling fixture can be difficult to reach, especially in newer housing that may have very tall ceilings. While LED bulbs have made the burned-out bulb less of a problem, bulbs still occasionally need to be replaced. Instead of having the occupant stand on a tall ladder (or bother you for help), put the light fixtures on the wall. Even if the fixtures are up high, it's easier to change those because you can brace yourself against the wall when climbing up a ladder.

More Light-Use Options

A light overhead in the ceiling offers excellent coverage, but lights on the walls offer more versatile use. You can light up one side of the space or all of it, create spotlighted areas for art, or even use just one light for a reading light. The shades and fixtures you choose can influence how the occupant uses the lights; track lighting, for example, is good for spotlights, but if you want to offer general illumination, a table lamp-style bulb and shade would be excellent.

Softer Style

Overhead lighting can be fairly harsh and create stark shadows under furniture like tables. Distant corners can also suffer as not enough light may reach over to them. Wall lighting lets the light diffuse through the room a little more thoroughly. Because the wall light may be closer to eye level, the shades are made to block the view of the bulbs and direct light along walls. You can place lights closer to corners, too, to ensure those are well lit.

Take a look at any gallery, and you'll find many styles of both ceiling and wall lighting fixtures. Bring in photos of the space you want to light up and create a plan with one of the light fixture installation representatives there to ensure good lighting throughout the rooms in your new space.