Adding More Machines To Your Shop? Be Careful Of Outdated Electrical Units

Posted on: 8 March 2018

If you are looking to update some of the electrical components in your shop because you have a large space, and you are adding more and more machines and units that will use electricity, you may want to bring in an industrial electrician to make sure that you can support the new machines. Here are some of the things that need to be discussed in detail with the electrician, so you can be sure that you are prepared for all these changes.

New Breaker Box

If you are demanding a lot more electricity throughout the plant, you may want to get a new break box installed. Talk with the industrial electrician about investing in the money to have a new unit installed, so that you aren't worried about blowing fuses or causing the single box to overwork and overheat. This may be costly but it will be worth the investment to add this breaker box to the building.

Trouble Shooting the Old Systems

If the older machines and electrical systems throughout the shop aren't working like they once did, or if you don't think they are working properly, have the electrician look at the machines. They may need to go back to their factory settings to function properly, or the electrician may need to make some changes with the electrical components throughout the shop to help.

Fire Precautions

Have the electrician examine all the electrical components throughout the entire space, to see if there are any hazards that you should concern you. This is everything from the electrical boxes and circuits where you plug in machines, to the overhead lighting throughout the shop space. They will let you know if there are any changes that you want to make, or extra fire prevention and treatment options you want to stock around the shop.

If you know that the wiring and power boxes throughout your old shop are outdated, and you worry that the new machinery you are bringing in is going to cause a problem with the current electrical components, you want to get an industrial electrician, such as from Circle Electric Inc, into the shop to help out right away. You don't want to end up with a fire, electrocution, a blown breaker box or damaged machine because you didn't have everything inspected and checked out before the new machines were brought in. Find out what you need to do and make the necessary improvements to the building.