Ways To Avoid Electrical Shock In A Business Facility

Posted on: 4 September 2017

Electrical system and wiring are crucial for a business facility. Its operations may depend on the reliable electric system installed in the building. The safety of the employees and customers depend on the integrity of the electrical system too. The possibility of having electrical shocks in a business facility puts the effective operations and safety of employees and customers in jeopardy. Follow these tips to avoid electrical shocks in a business facility:

Install a Safe Electrical System.

The best way to avoid electric shock in a business facility is to install an electrical system with full integrity and safety procedures. Follow all national and international safety standards. Avoid the tendency to overwork receptacles by spreading electrical devices across the workplace. Use three-pronged plugs instead of the traditional two-pronged ones to prevent voltage build-ups that cause electrical shocks. Consider all factors that make an electrical system safe from the very beginning.

2. Emphasize Safety in the Workplace

You should not be afraid of stating the obvious if it is for safety purposes. Remind all personnel and customers not to bring water near the sockets. Put a written and noticeable warning near electrical sockets. Include electrical shock safety in the employee manual. The key is to emphasize that electrical safety is a priority in the business facility.

3. Have a Licensed Commercial Electrician On-Call.

However, even if you do all the necessary actions to have a safe electrical system and ensure that all individuals in the business facility are aware of the safety precautions, there will be times that electrical problems will occur. Be alert in recognizing the signs of electrical wiring problems, such as flickering lights. Business facilities should have a licensed commercial electrical on-call. The commercial electrician will come to the building quickly and equipped with the expertise and tools, he will handle the situation to avoid electrical shocks and other accidents.

4. Implement Routine Checks

Yet, there is no need for you to wait for emergencies to happen. You can also schedule routine checks with your commercial electrician. He will look for loose and exposed wires, overloaded receptacles, and old components that need to be replaced.

Electric shock is toned down by funny depictions in the mainstream media. However, avoiding electrical shock in business facilities is no joke. It can cause serious damages to people and properties if not handled properly. A safe electrical system in place, a strong safety culture, and close coordination with a commercial electrician, such as from Etheridge Electric Company Inc, for emergency and routine checks are some of the effective ways to avoid electrical shocks.