Efficient And Flexible Electrical Layouts For Tech Startups And SMBs

Posted on: 24 July 2017

Are you starting up a programming business, or bringing together an office for professional friends with common interests? Running a high-skill, low overhead business is doable, but there are some risks at the small business level that can cripple operations if you're not careful. Using a large home or renting out  mostly unused office suite can work with a small team or 10 or fewer people, but being too cheap or cutthroat with certain expenses can lead to power outages, fires, system damage, or inconvenience if your team can't get set up quickly. Here are a few ways that an electrical contractor can bring in a great framework from the start.

Wiring Inspection And Outlet Placement

Any previously-owned office space--or homes, for that matter--will benefit greatly from an electrical inspection. Especially in buildings that are over a decade old, there are some wear or unplanned disaster damage that could be hiding behind the walls.

Copper wires can last for decades or even over a century, but they will become brittle eventually. Electricity is a form of heat and despite its convenience, it's still harnessed and controlled artificial lightning. Home wiring is designed to carry the heat generated from this electricity without melting or breaking away quickly, but gaps will eventually form.

The damage happens faster if there's a sudden, unplanned surge in the neighborhood from some sort of electrical line or home electrical mishap, or even an issue at the power company. More likely is real lightning striking and sending a surge into multiple homes. Although there are dampening techniques to reduce lightning damage, it's still faster wear and tear at the lowest level of risk.

An electrical contractor can inspect for damage and either provide partial repairs where the damage is present, or perform a full wiring overhaul. Be sure to ask for pictures of the damage to deliver to your insurance company, and consider asking for better outlet placement whenever such repairs or upgrades are being done. The electrician will already be breaching walls, so they may as well add a few small benefits.

Advanced Electrical Additions For Tech Businesses

Staying connected and having time to save information is crucial, and a backup source of power is helpful for all tech businesses.

The most basic protection for power outages would be the uninterruptible power supply or UPS. This is basically a set of batteries in a box that can be plugged into like a power strip. More advanced models have surge protectors, digital readers to show remaining time, and ways to network multiple UPS units together for added power and balancing.

If your businesses is into real-time activities such as day trading, the online gaming industry, or streaming internet content, being offline either from no internet or no power means not interacting with an almost constant ecosystem. Economic variables are changing, games with money on the line are being played, and chances to talk about time-sensitive subject may pass by.

An electrician can make sure that at least the power side of the problem is taken care of. At least for daytime operations, solar panels and entry-level battery cell packs can be installed to give a few vital extra minutes. Backup generators are a bit extreme for small businesses, but possible.

Contact an electrical contractor for repairs and installation to keep your business running efficiently.