Is Your High Tech Business In A Low Tech Building?

Posted on: 13 June 2017

Many new, brilliant ideas are entering the business world, but the explosion of inspiration comes at a few costs. Not all start-ups and bright ideas are focused on some of the underlying engineering feats that support the basic conveniences that the world takes for granted. Electrical stability, outlet convenience, energy efficiency, and many other electrical infrastructure concepts can be very wrong if you're bringing your new ideas to the most affordable buildings, but a few electrical inspection, upgrade, and maintenance points can help you figure out the problem before learning the hard way.

Bad Wiring And Tech Failure

Power fluctuations can be a lot more violent and damaging than a flat, extended power outage.

When electricity is introduced to and removed from electrical circuits repeatedly, you're introducing a heating and cooling process too often. This increases the wear and tear, but leads to other issues such as capacitor damage or sparking on already damaged wiring.

That's just for the wiring behind the walls. Think about the computers and other devices that rely on fast, constant processing and saving information not only to get their jobs done, but to exist as usable operating systems (OS). Modern OS designs such as Windows XP and beyond or Mac OSX can survive the odd power outage and restore itself from certain types of failure, but flicking power can turn an annoying repair into an expensive data recovery.

If your systems use hard drives, your drives may seize during rapid power failure and scratch a platter. The power supply can be damaged if power constantly leaves and bombards the capacitors, leading to at best the need to power clear your power supply. At this point, you'll either need an electrician for a quick power supply repair or just buy a new power supply. 

How Can An Electrician Come To The Rescue?

To stop most of the problems, a electrical inspection should be scheduled before moving in any major equipment or before your next major undertaking. Electricians need to be able to access different wall and electrical supply points, and although many techniques exist to get the job done around your work, it's best to get it all out of the way with deep focus on the electrical work.

If problems are found, wiring can be replaced either for specific circuits or with full rewiring projects. If a full overhaul of your business wiring is required, the projects can be staggered by room, circuit, function, or other areas to allow some productivity to continue.

Upgrades such as additional outlets, overhead electrical connections, and better cable management by wall installation is also possible. Although some cables belong to different industries--such as networking cables being for Information Technicians (IT) or audio/video cables for A/V professionals--the cables can still be router and left for installation. That said, many electricians hold multiple tech disciplines, so be sure to discuss different connectivity needs.

Contact a team of commercial electrical professionals like Theco to look through your tech business needs when it comes to new or repaired wiring.