How to Save Money and Improve Your Lighting System with Dimmers

Posted on: 23 January 2017

Proper lighting makes it easier to enjoy your home. It creates the right mood for each room. You should consider adding dimmers to your lighting system. Dimmers help with creating different scenes for each room. For example, the lighting used for entertaining is different from what you would use to pay bills.

If you have a dimmer on every light switch, then you have a lot of control over the ambiance of your lighting system. It is time to call in an electrician if you want to make upgrades. Read on to find out how to save and improve your lighting system with dimmers. 

What Are the Benefits?

When making upgrades to your home, you should make sure they add value and save you money. Upgrading your lighting system is beneficial to your home and your pockets. Some homeowners may just install one dimmer switch for the living room. On the other hand, you may want to install a programmable lighting system for your entire home.

A dimmer switch is beneficial because it gives you control and flexibility. If you have the capability to lower your lighting levels, then you can save money and save on your energy bills.

What Are Control Fluorescent and Incandescent Lamps?

A dimmer switch allows you to control the light levels for fluorescent and incandescent lamps. It reduces the amount of voltage that reach your light fixture. This feature decreases your light output and lamp wattage. It also increases the life of your light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs will help with saving on energy bills, but you must use a special dimmer to reduce the lighting on fluorescent bulbs.

How Do You Choose the Right Dimmer?

It helps to choose the right dimmer for your lighting system. There are four types of dimmers, which are touch, integrated dimming systems, rotary, and slide. Homeowners install dimmers to fit a certain need. For example, a dimmer may be installed in your dining room to adjust the lighting. When choosing the right one to get, you should think about the number of fixtures you'll need. An electrician like those at ANTHONY ELECTRIC CO. can come out and evaluate your home. He or she can help with choosing the right dimmer for your home.

The right lighting can make you feel and look good. If you are ready to improve the lighting in your home, then it is time to call in an electrician.