Want To Keep Your Feet Warm When You Get Out Of Bed? Install Radiant Floor Heating

Posted on: 20 January 2017

If you dread getting out of bed each morning because the floor is so cold, you can make some changes to keep your feet warm when they touch the floor. One thing you can do is install radiant floor heating. Below is some more information about this so you can decide if you would like to do this for your home.

Radiant Floor Heating

You can use radiant floor heating on a variety of surfaces, such as hardwood, stone, tile, and even carpet. You can install the heating system in any room in your home. This not only keeps your feet warm, but also keeps the room warmer than just running your HVAC unit. Your HVAC unit will even run less because the temperatures stay at the right level for longer periods of time, which saves you money.

You have a lot of control when it comes to this flooring. For example, you can set the floor heating to turn on and off at certain times during the day. You could keep it off during the day and at night, but set it to turn on a few minutes before you get out of bed. This way it is not constantly running and uses much less electricity. You can also control the temperature using a thermostat.

Types of Radiant Floor Heating

You will find different types of radiant floor heating systems. One type is electric radiant floors. With this type, the contractor will install cables into the floor. They will then install plastic heating mats on the sub floor over the cables. This type of system will use more electricity so it is not cost effective. For this reason, you should install this in one room, such as a bathroom or bedroom, instead of your entire home.

Another type of radiant floor heating is hydronic systems. This is a cost-effective option because less electricity is used. First, the contractor installs tubing under the flooring. Heated water is pumped from a boiler through the tubing to heat the floor. With some hydronic systems, you are able to control the flow of the hot water using pumps or zoning valves as well as a thermostat that lets you regulate the temperature of the water.

The contractor that installs your radiant floor system can go over these two types with you in much more detail, as well as give you much more information about how they are installed. For more information, contact local professionals like Feldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co.