Why Do Electricians Carry An Infrared Camera?

Posted on: 4 January 2017

Many paranormal investigators take advantage of infrared cameras to monitor suspected paranormal activity. These are the same devices used by electricians and contractors to monitor heat loss, electrical irregularities, and the presence of hidden heat sources. You may hear them referred to as FLIR cameras, thermal cameras, or as heat detecting cameras. But does that mean your electrician is secretly stalking ghosts when he brings along an infrared camera? Perhaps. But there are more likely reasons. Check out these amazing things your electrician can do with his infrared camera.

Spot Faulty Electronics

Nearly everyone knows that overheating can cause electrical circuits to go haywire and may even short them out completely. Under some circumstances, you may be alerted to heat from the source, but it is more common for parts to overheat without being noticed. A scan with the infrared camera can detect overheating hidden in the interior of electronic devices long before it becomes noticeable to you. This helps your electrician pinpoint the issue before it causes major damage to your electronics.  If your electronics are acting wacky, don't assume there is a ghost in the machine; call your electrician so he can troubleshoot the problem.

Find Faulty Wiring

The wiring in your house is typically hidden inside the walls. If something goes wrong and the circuit is interrupted, you may have no idea where to look. An infrared camera is a great tool to quickly scan the hidden wires and pinpoint the source of the problem. Your electrician may follow the line from the circuit breaker to the outlets or fixtures as a way to identify the location of the problem. Once it is located, your electrician can quickly get to work to correct the issue.

Locate Thinning Insulation

The insulation on electrical wires keeps them safe and prevents accidental fires, but sometimes, especially in old houses, the insulation can become brittle or thin. An infrared camera can detect tiny leaks or thinning insulation so your electrician can repair the wires before they become a major problem. If you live in an old house where the wiring is questionable, your electrician may use an infrared camera to assess the wiring throughout the home.

Identify Burned Out Elements

If your water heater suddenly stops producing the hot water you expect, you may find yourself wondering how to determine what is wrong. With an infrared camera, your electrician can scan it quickly to assess whether the heating elements are functioning properly. Likewise, he may use the camera to assess whether interior parts of furnaces or other appliances are heating as they should. This saves your electrician from needing to disassemble appliances to assess the problem, which translates to savings for you in reduced labor costs.

Detect Rodents in the Walls

Rodents like mice and squirrels are known for their propensity to chew wires and wreak havoc in your home, but they can be difficult to detect when they crawl into the nest. Your electrician can locate their cozy, warm bodies and pinpoint the nest so you can get rid of them once and for all.

Check Electrical Boxes and Circuit Breakers

Infrared cameras make it easy to check electrical boxes and circuit breakers for potential problems long before you see any warning signs. Your electrician may use the infrared camera as part of his preventive maintenance plant. This means saving money on costly repairs and keeping your family safer, too.

So, if your electrician arrives with an infrared camera in hand, don't assume he's ready for some ghost hunting. While he could use it for that, if he's the ghost-believing kind, he probably has more practical reasons in mind.

For more information, talk with companies that specialize in infrared testing, like Center Line Electric.