4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Model Car Builders

Posted on: 27 June 2016

Building model cars and other vehicles is a tradition that goes back for decades. Even as technology changes, the process of building models remains relatively the same. But if you enjoy building model cars, then your workstation can still be optimized to fit your building needs. Staying organized and seeing the small details can help you have the most success with your model car building. By hiring the services of an electrician, you can have four different upgrades installed for your model car building station. Each of these upgrades will help you through the building and creation process.

Track Lighting

With so many visuals and small parts, proper lighting is essential for a building station. An electrician can install track lighting bars over the work area. Track lighting features separate lights that can be pointed in specific directions. This allows you to shine spotlights directly onto your building area and ensure that everything is properly illuminated. When painting vehicles, the track lighting can help you see color tones and shine directly on your collection of paints. An electrician can set up as many bulbs as you need to fully illuminate the area. Dimmer switches can also be used to change the brightness of the lights as needed. For example, during the day, you may not need as much lighting when natural light is illuminating the area.

Desktop Outlets

A number of special tools may be used to customize your model car building area. Instead of creating a tangled mess of plugs, everything can be organized and easily accessed through desktop outlet connections. Hot glue guns, paint sprayers, and small drills can be plugged in as needed to outlets that are installed right on the top of a workstation. An electrician can ensure that the outlets are surge protected and have enough power to operate correctly without any issues. As an alternative, the outlets can be installed on the edge of the desk. Basically, an electrician can install the outlets in the best access point for your model-building tools.

Venting Fans

When dealing with paints and glue, there are a lot of fumes that go into the air. Instead of breathing in harmful chemicals, you can help clear the air with the installation of a venting fan. An electrician can wire and install a fan directly over your workstation. A switch can be installed near the workstation so that you can easily turn on the fan when working on model cars. Venting fans can also be used to help reduce the hot air around the model workstation. Lights and tools like a hot glue gun can easily increase the heat in the area. A venting fan will pull the hot air away from the area and provide a more comfortable setting for building model cars.

Wall Mounts & Connections

Building model cars no longer requires just reading a directional worksheet. Thousands of builders connect online and share their ideas through video tutorials and instructional guides. If you rely on these guides for building and tips, then there are ways to watch them without taking up valuable space on your workstation. An electrician can help install an electrical wall mount ideal for a computer monitor or television. The connections can feature LAN outputs, coaxial cable connections, and standard outlet plugs. This allows you to connect a screen above your workstation for viewing video tutorials. Having the access to the raised video monitor allows you to perform tutorial steps at the same time as the video. The LAN connections are ideal for connecting devices with access to streaming services like YouTube.

Contact an electrician, such as those at Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc, for price estimates and different plans on implementing these upgrades. By choosing one or more of the upgrades you can have an optimal model car building station.